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New OS33 Software Helps MSPs Deliver Cloud To Their Customers

OS33, a company that bills itself as a cloud-based IT delivery automation platform provider, has introduced SaaS-based software for managed service providers (MSPs) to deliver applications to their customers. The OS33 Cloud Platform includes a WebTop offering that creates a Web-based browser portal for MSPs to provide their customers access to their corporate applications and file systems from any computing device, including Apple iPad and Google Android-based tablet computers. The customers can access the applications they're accustomed to using, including those from Microsoft and the emerging Google Apps for business users.

MSPs can offer customers access to Citrix virtual desktop and Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) technology without the costly licenses for those programs, says Jacob Kazakevich, president and chief technology officer of OS33. "We are offering [to MSPs] a unique solution to take their clients and convert them to a cloud-based IT delivery model," Kazakevich says.

Another element of the Cloud Platform, Cloud File Manager, lets end users access, create, edit and save corporate documents through the Web browser, including familiar versions of Microsoft Office applications like Word and SharePoint for collaboration. OS33 supports both legacy and Web-based apps such as Office 365, the cloud-based version of Microsoft Office.

In addition, OS33 supports iGoogle, a customizable homepage for centralizing programs like Gmail, Google Search, Google Docs and other Google Apps. Business users can add OS33 objects to that home page through the OS33 portal, says Kazakevich.

Support for Google is an important option for OS33 to offer because it can be more flexible and economical than some Microsoft apps, enhancing its appeal to MSPs, says Jeff Kaplan, an analyst with THINKstrategies. "The growing acceptance of Google apps within organizations of all sizes also makes OS33's use of Google's interface timely," Kaplan adds.

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