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New NAS Software From EMC Could Mean Cheaper, Simpler Servers

"Information infrastructure" provider EMC has announced EMC LifeLine, low-cost OEM software for network-attached storage (NAS) devices. Storage vendors could use the software to develop inexpensive yet powerful file servers suitable for small business use.The LifeLine software would run on a "storage appliance" and provide backup and recovery services along with file management and media sharing. Managed through a browser interface, LifeLine would be able to back up multiple networked computers--both Macs and PCs--and be administered from any computer on the network. It can also function as a print server and suppports Microsoft Active Directory.

EMC has already signed up Intel and Iomega as customers. Intel is showing its Entry Storage System SS4200-E, designed for SOHO applications, at the Consumer Electronics Show, while longtime storage vendor Iomega has reportedly chosen LifeLine for a new line of multi-drive network storage products for the SMB market.The Register,