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netViz Data Comes Out With Visualization Documentation Tool

netViz Corp. introduced a new version of its data visualization and networking diagram tool. Version 7.0 of the product generates a consolidated visual representation of IT resources, corporate assets and business process information across computing environments of medium- and large-sized organizations.

A new feature in the product is a graphics-embedded Macro Fields function that can be set to automatically calculate compound values for asset data collected from across a the enterprise. This feature can be used to calculate the total cost of hardware -- displaying the sum, average, minimum, or maximum of a set of collected network elements or display the starting and ending node of a link.

The company also reported that Boston Medical Center is using the tool to generate a representation of its network's IT infrastructure and data. The company is targeting other medium- to large-sized enterprises, which it believes can benefit from the ability to visualize large networks and create representations of how business rules and processes are supported by the network.

Data and diagram visualization allow organizations to display how their business processes are set up -- including the roles of people and the resources available. The visualization also identifies bottlenecks. The resulting graphical representation of infrastructure and processes, say officials, enables prioritized planning and management of IT resources and business activities.