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Net Optics 10/100BaseT Port Aggregator Tap

No Drag on Performance

I tested the Port Aggregator in our Syracuse University Real-World Labs, using Spirent Communications' SMB (SmartBits) 600 with a LAN3101A minimodule, SmartWindow 7.7 and SmartApplications 2.5 (see "Tap Testing,").

To determine if the Port Aggregator would have an adverse effect on network performance, I ran the SmartApplications test suite for throughput and latency. This test is designed to conform with the Benchmarking Methodology for Network Interconnect Devices (RFC 2544).

Tap Examples

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The Port Aggregator passed all frames at 100 percent utilization and with less than 2 microseconds of latency--hardly enough to matter. Rerunning the throughput test, I pulled the power cord while the frames were flying.

The frames continued to flow through the Port Aggregator without a single one dropping. I'm confident from my lab tests that the Port Aggregator won't impede network performance.

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