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Napatech Releases 8 Gbps Traffic Analyzer

Napatech has announced the availability of a new traffic analyzer network interface card (NIC) that can process packets at up to 8 Gbps.

Based on the PCI-X standard, the NT8FT Traffic Analyzer NIC provides hardware packet filtering, packet tracing and high precision time stamping at line speeds up to 8 Gbps. That speed is supported on all cards in multiple NIC systems. The NIC can make one billion filter lookups per second and features 84 fully programmable filters that can be combined with Boolean operations.

"The new Traffic Analyzer NIC enables our OEM-customers to implement fully customized HW-accelerated traffic analyzer solutions very effectively as their existing software and hardware can be fully or partly reused, and made to scale to future demands of end customers," Napatech vice president of sales Thomas Jorgensen said in a statement. "The Traffic Analyzer NIC is already deployed in production networks and proven its worth. The fully programmable platform provides both Napatech and our customers with the ability to rapidly and continuously add features and update the solutions in the field."

The NIC is available in four and eight port, optical, electrical and mixed configurations. Napatech also has a traffic analyzer development kit available, providing customers with a test platform. The kit consists of a Linux PC installed with one 4x1G Electrical port and 4x1 G optical port NIC and custom applications as well as one extra traffic analyzer NIC. Pricing is available directly from Napatech.