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Mobile Social Networking Has Not Yet Come of Age

Don't rely on mobile social networking as a clear path to increase revenue, at least for now, an analysts firm said.

Social networking could easily become the next generation of a mobile community after peer-to-peer networking. But while the concept took off on the PC, vendors developing products for this market space have told Yankee Group they've discovered consumers eventually fall victim to "social networking fatigue."

Symptoms include disinterest in expanding the social network beyond existing information, and waning interest in viewing content. People are looking to connect in new ways with others they already know, as well as access to content they are already interested in. In a report released this week, Yankee Group said this trend holds true for both online and mobile environments.

Companies are attempting to deliver the service. Earlier this year, Helio partnered with MySpace to provide subscribers with an integrated mobile MySpace application. MVNO Helio, which targets young consumers, is betting mobile social networking will become "a killer app," Yankee Group said.

MySpace on Helio is the first full-service integrated mobile social networking client application, enabling users to stay connected to online networks through mail, bulletins, profiles, blogs and photo galleries directly from the handset.

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