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Microsoft Exec: How Enterprises are Democratizing Data

(Source: Pixabay)

If you had to re-live one year over again, Groundhog Day style, it's unlikely that 2020 would be at the top of the list for many people. But for some IT organizations, this year has meant a sharper focus on the goals that really matter, accelerated timetables for projects that further those goals, and the gratification of achievement in accomplishing so much in such a short time.

After all, it's the year when a work-from-home mass migration that would have taken 6 months or longer in simpler times was actually executed overnight. On one hand, 2020 was all about speed.

You could also say 2020 has been about resiliency for some IT organizations. That resiliency will be one of the themes for Interop Digital keynote speaker Alysa Taylor during her address at this event's first online-only edition, which runs from October 5-8. Interop is the independent and unbiased event for IT pros.

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Taylor has had a birds-eye seat to what's going on at many IT organizations during the transformational year of 2020. She is a corporate vice president at Microsoft, in charge of business applications and global industry marketing. Specifically, at Microsoft, she leads the product marketing teams responsible for products such as Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform that includes Power BI, Power Apps, Power Virtual Agents, and Power Automate.

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