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Memopal Cloud Search 2.0, Online Storage Enters the Search Market

Memopal launches Cloud Search 2.0, the second release of the search engine already available free of charge for all Memopal users. Some new features include real-time indexing, suggestions based on user habits and, in private beta, file content searches.

Users are now faced with a myriad of devices to produce content but do not have a platform that can organize them all. According to recent studies, the amount of data generated from 2002 to date is increasing exponentially and is expected to grow to 988 Exabytes by 2010.

Memopal surveyed 10,000 users and discovered that most of them use 2 or more computers to produce content. One at work, a personal notebook and a desktop shared with the family seems to be the current standard. Where can you to search the data you produce everyday? Memopal, which already provides central storage to protect it, now organizes it just like a search engine organizes files on the Internet.

Implementing the Cloud Search function was relatively simple since Memopal, unlike other services based on third party storage systems, already saves data on its distributed file system, the Memopal Global File System. MGFS is a Cloud Storage platform designed to make information organization easier. You can try Memopal Cloud Search using the 30-day trial software version (no credit card required) at Users who would like to be beta testers for the content indexing functions can send an e-mail to [email protected]. What's more, the trial version is extended to 60 days instead of 7 for beta testers.

Memopal in brief:

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