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MCI Brings World's Largest Next-Generation Internet Test Bed Online

MCI is working with the University of New Hampshire to give companies direct access to the next-generation Internet test bed. The link will connect the commercial Internet backbone to the North American IPv6 Task Force's Moonv6 next-generation Internet network, allowing nationwide direct connection to the test bed.

MCI's connectivity to the Moonv6 network will give test participants a native, non-tunneled connection to Moonv6 via MCI's MAE Services network exchange points. MCI's MAE infrastructure facilitates nationwide Layer 2 interconnectivity and public peering between Internet service providers. MAE Services connection points are located in San Jose, Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Chicago, metro Washington, D.C. and Miami (first quarter 2005).

The next generation Internet protocol, IPv6, is expected to solve some of the IPv4 limitations including the number of available addresses. IPv6 also is expected to add several improvements including network routing and network auto-configuration. IPv6 will gradually replace IPv4, with the two protocols co-existing for a number of years during the transition.

Moonv6 represents an aggressive multi-vendor test and demonstration of products being developed for the next-generation Internet protocol. The latest round of Moonv6 testing included interoperability in pure IPv6 as well as mixed v6 and IPv4 networks, wireless LANs, voice over IP (VoIP), firewalls, IPsec (IP Security), dual-stack routing, Internet protocols such as DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), DNS and various applications and transition mechanisms.

"MCI's link to Moonv6 as a provider is a significant milestone for the Moonv6 project and will help the NAv6TF attract additional commercial enterprise sites to participate in the Moonv6 evolution as one of the world's largest native IPv6 networks in existence today," said Jim Bound, Chair NAv6TF, CTO, IPv6 Forum.