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McCaw To Announce Nationwide Wireless Broadband Service

Wireless entrepreneur Craig McCaw Wednesday unveiled his plans for a nationwide wireless broadband network.

McCaw officially launched his company, Clearwire, with the intent of developing a nationwide wireless broadband network based on the still-evolving 802.16, or WiMAX standard. The launch came after the company spent two years in stealth mode, in which McCaw acquired spectrum from other operators and acquired other companies, including wireless broadband equipment vendor NextNet.

The move also comes amidst growing competition in the still-nascent wireless broadband arena, with a number of companies already offering the service even though standards have yet to receive final approval. However, McCaw said in a statement that he was optimistic about Clearwire's chances.

"We come into this opportunity with our eyes open to the challenges and difficulties associated with competing against giants in the communications arena," McCaw said.

The company's Web site noted that it plans to launch service in Jacksonville, Florida and St. Cloud, Minnesota this summer with more markets, including international markets, launching soon. The Wall Street Journal earlier claimed the company will expand to about 20 markets in the next year.

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