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Linksys Ships Inexpensive WLAN Range Extender

WLAN equipment vendor Linksys Wednesday released its Wireless-G Range Expander to extend the range of existing wireless networks.

The company, which is a business unit of Cisco Systems, said the device is aimed at the small office/home office market. The unit expands WLAN range without the need to plug attach it to a wired network connection, as is the case with access points. The company said that setting up the unit requires only plugging it into a power outlet, adjusting the antenna and pressing a button so it can auto-configure itself.

"Linksys recognizes that some networking situations require larger wireless coverage than our standard products provide," Steve Troyer, Linksys' director of product marketing said in a statement. "By adding a Linksys Wireless-G Range Expander to a network, users have the availability to reach those areas in their home or office that they were not able to reach before such as back house, basement or attic."

The Wireless-G Range Expander is available now for $99.