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KVM Switches See Strong Demand in IP Environment

Sales of KVM switches have become one of the hottest spots in the increasingly IP-oriented enterprise market, with large companies and small businesses turning to them as a cost-effective way to simplify management of computer and server clusters.

These switches allow users to access a single computer from multiple workstations, multiple computers from a single workstation, or any computer from any workstation. Responding to this market demand, several vendors recently stepped with new products, which allow control of computers without the need for a separate keyboard, monitor and mouse for each machine.

  • Israeli firm Replicom announced integrated KVM appliances offering local and IP-based control over 8 to 16 servers. The company says the new offerings enable "full manageability" for legacy KVM switches and new KVM-over IP deployments.
  • Raritan Computer Inc. introduced IP-enabled KVM switches and remote IP access devices that add Internet connectivity to existing analog KVM switches. The company also is marketing a KVM-over-IP remote management PCI card.
  • Wright Line LLC, a Massachusetts-based manufacturer of communication consoles, electronic and server enclosures announced that it is adding Minicom Advanced Systems' KVM switches to its product line-up. "We are experiencing an increase in reliable KVM requirements and look forward to adding Minicom's products to our data center product mix," said Michael Gagnon, vice president of marketing.
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