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IT Managers Prefer Hardware-Based Security Over Software Solutions: Survey

IT managers prefer hardware-based security solutions to software solutions, according to a recent study by Britestream Networks of 300 IT professionals in companies with annual revenues of more than $30 million.

The survey found that over half (54%) of respondents preferred a hardware-based solution, consisting of either a pre-bundled, standalone hardware appliance or an embedded feature in network hardware equipment, over a software-based solution when asked how they would prefer to deploy network security in their organization.

Britestream Networks claims that the findings shows a significant shift toward hardware-based over software-based security, because the predominant method for deploying security in the past has been via software.

"The reasons for the shift to a hardware preference are clear," Mike Salas, vice president of marketing for Britestream said in a statement. "With a hardware solution that completely offloads and performs security functions separately, customers can free up their existing computer resources for other applications. Hardware is also easier and faster to implement, easier to maintain, and ultimately more secure than software because it's a self-contained, impermeable entity that doesn't require patching or other hands-on maintenance."