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ISSCC Speakers Tout Ubiquitous Networking

SAN FRANCISCO — Researchers at the 2005 International Solid State Circuits Conference agreed that wireless networking will become ubiquitous and intelligent, but differed on how the networks will be rolled out.

In pre-conference interviews, plenary speakers Daeje Chin of South Korea and Hugo De Man of Belgium both said intelligent wireless networking would consist of building blocks based on nanotechnology or CMOS devices reflecting extreme variations on Moore's Law.

Chin, South Korea's Minister of Information and Communications, said network proliferation will be limited by regulation and consumer sentiment. De Man, a professor at the Katholieke Universiteit of Leuven, Belgium, and a senior research fellow at IMEC, saw obstacles in the device scaling required for intelligent networks.

"The ubiquitous network will give information, rather than require users to search for it," Chin said. He cited RFID tags as an example of the embedded intelligence delivered by ubiquitous wireless networks. In manufacturing and commercial warehouse distribution applications, RFID tags would register the origin, destination and ownership of packages.

Chin also asserted that the spread of "invisible silicon" tracking mechanisms must not violate privacy standards.

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