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Irdeto Unveils Latest Generation Renewable Conditional Access Solution For Advanced Security Of High Value Content

AMSTERDAM--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Irdeto, a leading expert in content and business model protection solutions and services, unveiled Irdeto Conditional Access System version 3 (CAS 3), the latest generation of the company's industry-leading content protection solution, today at IBC 2009. Irdeto CAS 3 leverages a state-of-the-art hardware platform, software technology and cryptography, making it among the most secure and renewable conditional access (CA) solutions on the market today.

"As we celebrate our 40th anniversary this year, we reaffirm our commitment to operators, content owners and device manufacturers by helping them to maximize return on any content sent over any network, to any device," stated Graham Kill, CEO of Irdeto. "Irdeto CAS 3 is an important proof point for that dedication as we move into our next decade of business. It provides high levels of security and the best renewability in the industry to ensure our customers can easily, securely and cost-effectively expand their media service business to respond to changing consumer demands and growing threats."

Irdeto CAS 3 includes updated head-end components, namely the Irdeto Key Management System and Irdeto Key Server, as well as the Irdeto Premium smart card. Fully backward compatible, the solution supports all deployed Irdeto smart cards and set-top boxes, simplifying migration and protecting operators' investments.

Designed as a protection model for large and mid-sized operators in need of advanced security to protect high value content formats like high-definition and personal video recorder, Irdeto CAS 3 offers the following benefits:

    * Built-in Recoverability: With an enhanced system design resulting from a rigorous threat analysis, Irdeto CAS 3 enables faster responses to threats and ease of key cycling to minimize customer impact in the event of a head-end breach.
    * Future-Proof Security and Asymmetric Cryptography: Irdeto makes use of the latest cryptographic developments to ensure that there is no single point of failure for security, higher resistance against attacks through updateable algorithms, prevention of key breach in storage and distribution, and security isolation through operator unique encryption layer.
    * Tamper-Resistant Hardware: The Irdeto Key Server is based on a FIPS4 certified, tamper-resistant hardware security module platform used in high security environments.
    * Flash-based Smart Card: The Irdeto Premium smart card offers complete and rapid renewability via a large amount of flash-based memory, extending card lifetime. A fast and secure processor enables rapid software updates over the air and provides built-in mechanisms for prevention against card attacks.
    * Countermeasure against control word sharing: Irdeto CAS 3 introduces a number of new and improved tools, including a heuristic algorithm to detect smart cards used for analog re-broadcasting on cable networks and an improved Communications Interface layer with patented encryption to enable prosecution when an Irdeto Premium card is used in emulation set-top boxes.
    * Flexible deployment models: Irdeto CAS 3 achieves significant bandwidth saving and provides operator separation through an indefinitely updateable, operator-specific cryptographic layer that acts as a barrier to security attacks across operators.

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