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IPTV Success Depends On Consumer Education: Accenture

If IPTV is to become a breakthrough success, consumers across the globe need to be educated about its benefits, according to new findings by Accenture.

Out of the 6,000 consumers surveyed across the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain and Italy, 46% did not understand the term IPTV. However, 30% revealed that they wanted to have access to a larger number of movies and 26% wanted to be able to create a personal channel to watch programs at convenient times. When asked what would most encourage them to purchase a subscription to IPTV, 55% selected less advertising and 47% would want to be able to choose specialized programs.

"Despite a general lack of understanding about what IPTV means, there is strong consumer interest in the benefits that such a service could bring," Ray Dogra of Accenture said in a statement. "Consumers clearly desire choice, control and the ability to personalize their viewing experience - all of which are the key benefits of an IPTV service."

The study also found that cost is the main barrier to increasing popularity of IPTV, with 54% indicating they would not be willing to pay more for IPTV services. Younger respondents were more willing to pay than older respondents, and males were more willing than females. Other key concern included security issues and poor connections.