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Iomega To Offer Managed VeriSign SSL Service

Iomega's acquisition of managed service provider CSCI last month is already starting to pay off for the storage vendor as CSCI continues to add services to its line card.

Now the OfficeScreen division of Iomega, CSCI early this fall expects to add VeriSign SSL certificates as a service for small businesses based on SSL VPN technology running on Juniper Networks platforms.

Rich Tear, vice president of managed services for the OfficeScreen division--named after CSCI's flagship VPN service--said the new service is a first for small businesses and will be available via a number of hosted data centers.

As a rising number of small businesses get involved in such areas as health care and compliance, they are finding dual authentication important, according to Tear.

"With VeriSign, we can give users complete granular access to their company networks," he said. "Also, dual authentication gives the best security because it delivers a one-time password and eliminates problems with stolen passwords."

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