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i/o Data Centers Announces The Next-Generation Data Center Platform, i/o ANYWHERE

PHOENIX, July 26. i/o Data Centers ("i/o"), the leading provider of enterprise colocation and data center solutions, today announced the launch of i/o ANYWHERE - the next-generation data center platform.

i/o ANYWHERE is a fully-integrated data center platform thatpro vides enterprises, governments and service providers with  unprecedented flexibility, reliability and energy-efficiency. i/o ANYWHERE includes 100 percent of the critical infrastructure required for an always-on data center. The platform is managed by i/o's Operations team and includes primary and backup power generation, power conditioning, cooling and network connectivity. At the foundation of the i/o ANYWHERE platform is the i/o OS - a fully-integrated data center monitoring, alarming, remote control and management operating system. i/o ANYWHERE is neither a re-purposed shipping container nor real estate. It is an enterprise-grade data center solution managed to a 100 percent uptime Service Level Agreement by i/o's industry-leading Operations team.

In making the announcement, George Slessman, CEO of i/o, said that, "It is no longer necessary for customers to buy power, cooling, and network connectivity ahead of known requirements or in a location that is not ideal. i/o ANYWHERE gives enterprise customers the ability to deploy operational data center capacity wherever and whenever they need it, in or out of a building, on or off the utility grid. Our enterprise customers can now acquire data center capacity the same way they do processing, storage and network - when they need it."

The patent-pending i/o ANYWHERE data center platform is built on an architecture that can scale to tens of megawatts of uninterruptible power and thousands of cabinets in a single platform deployment. The design provides compartmentalization, continuous cooling, concurrent maintainability and rapid scalability. The platform's modules can be configured, delivered and operational in a matter of weeks due to i/o's direct control over design, manufacturing, installation and operations. This results in faster time-to-market and lower costs.

This latest innovation from the i/o Engineering and Product Development team is based on years of enterprise data center operation, research and investment. By working closely with its customers and integrating current i/o technology, the company has built a data center solution that addresses enterprise requirements for high-availability, geographic neutrality, just-in-time scalability, compartmentalization, concurrent maintainability and value. According to Slessman, "i/o ANYWHERE again proves that not all data centers are created equal." For more information about i/o ANYWHERE visit: or call 480.513.8530.