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Interop: Vendors Tackle Wi-Fi Troubles

Information Week
InformationWeek Daily - Monday, April 28, 2008

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Quote of The Day

"We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all that we need to make us happy is something to be enthusiastic about." -- Charles Kingsley

Top Stories

Interop: Vendors Tackle Wi-Fi Troubles
With customers unwilling to overhaul their infrastructure to migrate from 802.11a/b/g technology, vendors like Broadcom, Aruba, and Aerohive are getting creative.

Top Stories

2008 InformationWeek IT Salary Survey
For the first time since InformationWeek began studying salary trends 11 years ago, salaries for business technology professionals are falling. Here's what you need to know in order to make good hiring decisions and personal career choices.
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White Paper

Nokia Continues To Dominate Mobile Phone Market

Mobile phone suppliers shipped a total of 291.5 million units during the first quarter, up 14.3% from a year ago.

Zero-Day Vulnerability Reported in Apple's QuickTime for Windows XP and Vista

Security consultancy GNUCitizen says an attacker could exploit the vulnerability by constructing a specially crafted QuickTime supported media file that allows remote code execution.

'LOL' Slips Into Homework But Formal Writing Still Valued

Twenty-five percent of teens surveyed said they used emoticons in school writing and 38% said they used text shortcuts or abbreviations.

EarthLink To Shut Down New Orleans' Municipal Wi-Fi

The project goes dark May 18 after the Internet service provider said it was unable to find a buyer.

Associated Press Teams Up With Verve Wireless For Mobile News

The mobile news service will be tailored for smartphones and give users one point of access for local, national, and international news.

Apple's 3G iPhone Coming June 9, Analysts Say

"D-Day for 3G" is expected at Steve Jobs' WWDC keynote, where analysts also expect announcements about a refresh of Apple's laptop line by August and a new iPod line by September.

Lenovo To Launch 11-inch Consumer IdeaPad On Tuesday

The U110 is the smallest member of Lenovo's IdeaPad product line that is aimed at the U.S. consumer market.

Microsoft Windows Sales Plunge 24% Amid Rising Competition

Microsoft posted revenue from all desktop versions of Windows of $4 billion for the three months ended March 31, compared with $5.3 billion during the same period a year earlier.

Honda's Asimo Robot To Conduct Detroit Symphony Orchestra

Asimo and cellist Yo-Yo Ma will also appear before hundreds of Detroit high school students to spur their interest in music.

NASA Plans 'Nano' Satellites To Help Commercialize Space

NASA Ames Research Center plans to work with M2mi to develop small satellites to power telecommunications and networks in space.

Lenovo To Make Windows XP Available Until 2009

Hewlett-Packard will also provide Windows XP to business customers that want to downgrade from Windows Vista after June 30.

Think Tanks Propose National Innovation Foundation

Such a foundation would serve as a catalyst between industry and university researchers and seek to expand regional innovation through state governments.

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Latest InformationWeek Blog Posts

The Weekly Watch On Content Management
Leading off this installment of The Weekly Watch is Alfresco, a company that's proven there's plenty of innovation left in the enterprise content management (ECM) sector. Alfresco sent InformationWeek some of its recent accomplishments and a few grabbed our attention.

Web 2.0: Confabb Provides Directory And Ratings For Conferences
Most Web sites for conferences are pretty poorly designed. Simple tasks, like scrutinizing the schedule or finding the show hotel, take too long and are too painful to accomplish. That's one of the problems that Confabb, a directory, rating service, and social network for conferences, is looking to solve. I met with Confabb at Web 2.0 Expo, and got the lowdown from the company chairman.

Not Just About Code, Part 2
The hardest part about open source isn't the code -- it's the community.  Examples of this come up all the time, with Sun being one that has come up a good deal lately -- not just because of its acquisition of MySQL (which I'm still fairly positive about), but the way perceptions of its behavior can affect its acceptance.  Even if you do the right thing, it needs to also look like you're doing the right thing.

Microsoft's Third Quarter Results: Uncollapsed
For a company whose cash cow is supposed to be collapsing, Microsoft seems pretty chipper. A pretty good third quarter shows that reports of Microsoft's demise are somewhat premature. Even the weak U.S. economy worked to Microsoft's advantage this past quarter.

Is AT&T Sitting On The 3G BlackBerry Launch?
Some interesting reports are surfacing of late that suggest AT&T is delaying the launch of the BlackBerry 9000 from June to August. The BlackBerry 9000 has been floating around Internet rumor sites for months, and is said to be the next-generation device from RIM complete with 3G. I'll give you one guess as to why AT&T might delay it.

Google Uses Its Googley Eyes When It Comes To Design
Does Google's design language do anything for you? Do you find the cleanliness of its sites pleasing to the eye? Or do the white spaces and primary colors drive you nuts? Even though it looks like some Google sites were designed by a kid with crayons, there's a method to the madness.

First Impression: FriendFeed Is The Social Network For Power Users
FriendFeed is absent in body from Web 2.0 Expo this week, but present in spirit. It's coming up quite a bit in conversation, even though the company isn't exhibiting or speaking here. FriendFeed is a social network for power users -- it aggregates feeds from your Twitter account, blog, Flickr, LinkedIn, and 31 other types of social services and presents them in a single feed for your friends to read. I decided to give FriendFeed a try and share my first impressions with you.

Desperately Seeking: Green Tips And Tricks (Big Or Small) That You Think Can Make A Difference
We're just a few days away from Energy Camp, which we're holding on the day before Interop in Las Vegas. We've got close to 100 people signed up and we're anticipating quite a few walk-ins. So, we're on target in terms of the event's size and intimacy. But even if you don't plan to be there, I've established a way for you to participate virtually by sharing your own energy saving tips and tricks (or just green tips in general). I'm calling it Ways To Save The Earth and it was inspired by some school kids in Massachusetts. Regardless of whether it's big or small, if you've dreamed up a green idea that you think can make a difference ...

White House Staffers' BlackBerrys Stolen Five-Finger-Discount Style
This story is disturbing. In what was described as a "common practice," White House staff and others attending a meeting with President Bush left their BlackBerrys sitting unattended on a table outside the meeting room. With the meeting in progress, a Mexican press attaché decided to lift six or seven of them and make a run for it. Thankfully, the Secret Service was able to catch him before he got too far. What I want to know is, what are government BlackBerrys doing sitting on an unprotected table?

Controlling Content In A Social Publishing World
I read this PC World story and I couldn't help but think how indicative it is of the typical command and control mentality within enterprises. I know there's a balance between fighting the external social network (SoNet) effect and creating a corporate one of your own. With all the technology, horsepower, and APIs gone wild, shouldn't we be able to figure out how to create some harmony between the two?

Quick! Unplug Your Internet Connection!
According to the security vendor Sophos, one Web page is infected with malicious software every five seconds. Yeah, but it's probably mom-and-pop and porn Web sites with all of the infections, you say. Think again.

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Overcoming Obstacles for Better Planning through Financial Performance Management

Ventana Research defines Financial Performance Management (FPM) as structuring financial systems and processes to promote more efficient, accurate and timely execution of finance/accounting functions

IT Automation: Moving IT from Panic Mode to Managed Mode

IT automation provides the means to maximize IT investments and align them with business objectives. Read this white paper to learn more about IT automation and why your clients must understand the need for this strategy and why it is being used today.

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