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Interop: Session Round-Up, 4/28

As mentioned in my previous blog, since we can't make all of the sessions ourselves, we have some reps out there doing the legwork for us, and we have a round-up from the yesterday's sessions by Jay Sumresh Bhansali, Ashutosh Tusharbhai Bhatt, Paridhi Nadarajan and Benson Mathews Poikayil.

Info Session: Planning and deploying 4G wireless
Panel member organizations: Ericsson, Sprint, Ixia, 3GAmericas
Description:  The panel discussed the much touted 4G cellular technology and its deployment status, especially in the US. The biggest carriers like AT&T, Verizon and Sprint plan to jump on to the LTE bandwagon in the next two years. Sprint is the first market player to deploy 4G WiMAX solutions and has presence in more than 25 locations in the US. 

In the future, it is estimated that we would have more than 50 billion connected wireless devices and these devices will run applications that will be very bandwidth intensive. The cellular providers are now looking at using complementary solutions like femtocells, picocells and Wi-Fi data offloading to manage the increased traffic on their networks. The explosion in the number of devices will also lead to increased usage of the IPv6 standard for the wireless devices.

The 4G networks will also have increased security with IPSec and other tunneling mechanisms being used between the base station and switching center.  The panel wrapped up the discussion with some comments on the business value of 4G technologies, especially for providing seamless, ubiquitous connectivity to the mobile workforce.

Info Session:  Breakthrough network technologies:
Panel :
Martin Casado, Nicira networks
David Christophe, Alcatel-Lucent
Andy Gottlieb, Talari networks
Alex Henthorn-Iwane, Packet Design
In this session, a diverse panel discussed some of the breakthrough network technologies that promise to have an impact on the fundamental way of networking in the future.

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