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Interop: Net Optics Launches Monitoring Tools

Network monitoring vendor Net Optics on Wednesday expanded its monitoring access platform (MAP) with two enhancements, unveiled Wednesday at the Interop technology conference.

Net Optics said its new iBypass HD is the industry's first high-density security bypass switch. Meanwhile, the company's new iLink Agg gigabit link aggregator is designed to boost the performance of mission critical networks and apps while reducing business risks and enhancing business continuity, according to Net Optics.

The company said the new products will help IT managers ensure security and reliability amid a profusion of voice, video, and other traffic that can stress networks. New architectures, such as cloud computing, can also create additional network burdens while increasing security challenges.

"As business requirements evolve, so must the data center infrastructure," said Dennis Carpio, Net Optics' director of product innovation, in a statement.

"Monitoring access is a fundamental requirement in today's data centers for a wide variety of applications, including lawful intercept, forensics, performance management, and data protection. These new solutions further extend the flexibility of our monitoring access platform to meet virtually any monitoring access requirement," said Carpio.

The iBypass HD system offers a high port density bypass switch solution for in-line network appliances, including intrusion prevention systems and firewalls. It supports between two and eight network segments.

iLink Agg, Net Optics said, is the highest port density one gigabit link aggregator built for monitoring applications. It allows a pool of monitoring tools to be applied to up to eight network links or 16 Span ports, according to the company.

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