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Instant-Messaging Products Target IT Departments

Almost everyone outside the IT department loves instant messaging. This week, several companies showed off their efforts to boost interoperability, archiving and storage features of popular IM products--hopefully making them more palatable to IT staff in an era of new regulations.

IMLogic unveiled IMLinkage Preview Edition, designed to meld the now-divergent worlds of America Online, Yahoo and MSN instant messaging within corporate CRM, SFA and other applications. In addition, IMLogic's IM Manager product adds control, security, reporting, archiving and compliance functions to the consumer messaging services.

ISVs also can use the IMLinkage application development environment to bolster their own offerings. Developers can bring applications built in the language of their choice into the environment to facilitate integration, according to Waltham, Mass.-based IMLogic.

Pivot Solutions, for example, is using IMLinkage in its own IMTrader electronic trading application, said Furqan Nazeeri, CEO of Pivot. IMTrader uses instant messaging as the broker's front end for entering trades and getting notification of a trade's completion, Nazeeri said .

"Our product takes a trade that's initiated in AOL and inserts it into the order management system for the brokers. That gives us all the time-stamp compliance functionality without the traders having to retype the orders," Nazeeri said.

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