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Infoblox Aims To Ease Growing IP Address Management Headaches

As more and more Internet-enabled devices find their way onto company networks, the task of managing IP addresses and DNS requests for these devices becomes harder and harder. Network infrastructure vendor Infoblox has released the Trinzic Multi-Grid Manager, a new appliance designed to handle large amounts of DNS and DHCP traffic.

With the increasing prevalence of tablets and smartphones, along with appliances and other devices that can connect to the Internet, traditional ad hoc systems of managing IP addresses are quickly becoming overwhelmed. Add to this the looming move to IPv6, with its more complex addresses, and the need for IP management tools is growing for many businesses.

According to Infoblox, the Infoblox Trinzic Multi-Grid Manager appliance works with other products in its IP management portfolio to greatly ease and scale IP requests. The company claims that the appliance can support up to 3 billion DNS queries per second and 5 billion DHCP queries per day. Infoblox VP of marketing Steve Garrison says the Trinizic Multi-Grid Manager "increases dramatically the scale and flexibility of the type of infrastructure that can be built."

For companies that have invested in other Infoblox IP management systems, the Trinzic Multi-Grid Manager can integrate with them to provide a central management system, making it possible to allow departments and branches to manage their own IP requests while still maintaining centralized reporting and administration.

Pricing for the Trinzic Multi-Grid Manager starts at $20,895.

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