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iDirect Expands Evolution Product Line With New Router, Line Cards And Upgrade To Operating Software

HERNDON, Va., Sept. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- VT iDirect, Inc. (iDirect), a company of VT Systems Inc (VT Systems), today announced that it has expanded its Evolution DVB-S2/ACM product line with the introduction of the high-performance Evolution X5 Satellite Router and Evolution XLC-11 and XLC-M Line Cards. The hardware launch is coupled with an upgrade to iDirect's operating software. With the new version, iDX 2.0, iDirect has introduced the industry's most efficient inbound coding technology, setting a new standard for bandwidth efficiency. The upgrade also brings together iDirect's Evolution and iNFINITI product lines onto a single platform. iDirect is a world leader in satellite-based IP communications technology.

The new Evolution X5 Satellite Router enables service providers to support higher data rates and greater traffic volumes, operating at twice the processing power of iDirect's Evolution X3 router. The expanded capability is engineered to help service providers meet increased customer demand across a wide range of growing vertical markets. For example, service providers that backhaul rural voice traffic for mobile operators can support higher traffic levels from large Base Tower Station sites. With an optional AES 256 encryption feature, the Evolution X5 can support high-end enterprise networks operated by banks, financial institutions and other organizations.

The Evolution X5 also supports iDirect's suite of advanced mobility features for the maritime market such as Automatic Beam Switching and Spread Spectrum, as well as iDirect's Global Network Management System capability. The router can be deployed with a 60cm stabilized Ku-band antenna, meeting end-user demands for affordable and easy-to-install VSAT systems that support broadband data requirements and facilitate Voice over IP (VoIP) and video traffic.

The hardware expansion comes as iDirect partners around the world add next-generation Evolution networks to their existing service offerings. To help service providers consolidate their iDirect deployments, the iDX 2.0 release features a new hardware capability -- dual-mode operation. The Evolution X5 router and the new XLC-11 transmit-and-receive line card are engineered to support either DVB-S2/ACM or iNFINITI TDM outbound mode. This enables the complete integration of Evolution and iNFINITI products as well as iDirect's enhanced feature set into one platform. The Evolution XLC-M inbound line card rounds out the new hardware offering and is designed to support multiple demodulators through future software licensing.

With the release of iDX 2.0, iDirect becomes the first satellite technology provider to integrate the next-generation 2D 16-State FEC coding technology into its overall platform. Representing the most powerful inbound coding option available to the industry, 2D 16-State delivers improved efficiencies over the Turbo Product Coding (TPC) and provides existing customers a 10-20% increase in their inbound IP throughput without sacrificing link performance. It also provides greater flexibility in network design with a more granular selection of block sizes and code rates, which can lead to typical link margin improvements of 1dB.

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