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IDBS Acquires InforSense Providing Solutions For Research & Development Data Management

29 June, Guildford, UK - ID Business Solutions Ltd (IDBS), a leading provider of innovative data management solutions to multinational R&D organisations, announced on 26 of June that it had concluded an unconditional agreement to acquire InforSense Ltd (InforSense), a company providing award-winning scientific and business intelligence (BI) technologies, in an all-cash transaction. The acquisition will complete in July.

R&D organisations in the public and private sectors rely upon their ability to capture, integrate and interpret their data. This is increasingly hampered by the explosion in volume and diversity of data available to scientists, the global scale of modern R&D activities and the requirement for data to be accessed and searched in context.  InforSense's rapid data integration technologies and Web-based interactive analytics perfectly complement IDBS' strong suite of secure, context-rich data management solutions. This transaction creates a unique supplier who can deliver the entire capture, integration and decision-making infrastructure for R&D organisations worldwide.

With the addition of the InforSense product portfolio, IDBS will expand its large scale data integration activities to support international data sharing and broaden its life sciences portfolio into the emerging growth area of biomarker development and personalized medicine. The InforSense brand, its products and partnerships will continue to be vigorously developed, marketed and supported around the world.

IDBS, a private company headquartered in the UK and with offices worldwide, provides a range of scalable, secure and searchable data management solutions that support the collection, integration and retrieval of high value data. IDBS' solutions are designed to manage highly diverse scientific data and processes, and are deployed to a broad customer-base across a wide range of sectors including; life sciences, academia, consumer products, material sciences, food technology and energy; they are also used within regulated environments in both pharmaceuticals and manufacturing. IDBS' solutions provide rigorous data storage and promote the collection of contextual data, which is required to make scientific data relevant and comparable. The company is a trusted partner of large multinational R&D companies and has been the regular recipient of numerous awards, including the Queen's Award for Enterprise and Innovation.

InforSense is a private company with offices in London (UK), Boston (USA) and Shanghai (PRC), and was founded in 1999 to develop and commercialise pioneering technology in the fields of High Performance Computing, and Large Scale Data Mining, originally developed at Imperial College, London. InforSense's core expertise lies in the development of high performance business and scientific intelligence and in Web-based reporting applications that are highly differentiated from standard BI tools by their capacity, rapid implementation and configurability.

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