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IBM's eServer Sets Computing Power Record

According to recent results published by the Transaction Processing Performance Council, IBM's eServer p690 server system with 32 POWER4+ microprocessors running on IBM's DB2 Universal Database v8.1 has set a world record for computing processing power.

The 32-way IBM p690 server outperformed more expensive systems with 64 processors. According to the TPC-C benchmark, an IBM eServer p690 with 32 POWER4+ microprocessors, running the AIX5L v5.2 UNIX operating system and DB2 Universal Database 8.1 with IBM TotalStorage FAStT900 storage hardware processed 1,025,486 transactions per minute (tpm/C) at a cost of $5.43/tpmC. According to the TPC-C Web site, IBM's 32-way p690 inched out HP's 64-way Itanium 2-based Integrity Superdome system running an Oracle database; HP's server previously recorded 1,008,144 tpmC with a price/performance of $8.33/tpmC.

IBM's results of 1,025,486 tpmC tops all other non-clustered results
previously announced.

According to independent research firm IDC, during the last eight
quarters, IBM has shipped more high-end eServer p690 systems than either HP's high-end Superdome UNIX systems or Sun's high-end UNIX systems.