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IBM's Cloudscape Database Goes Open Source

IBM Software is offering up its Java-based Cloudscape database to the Apache Software Foundation and thus to the open source world.

IBM is turning "Derby," a copy of its current Cloudscape relational database, over to the ASF "to spur more communal innovation for Java application development," IBM said Tuesday morning.

"We're shipping it off to the ASF for testing and will license it back, package it up and sell it primarily for support and service," said Paul Rivot, director of database servers for IBM Software.

ISVs and other partners can bundle IBM's version of the software, which IBM would help service and support, or get the software free from Apache and offer it with their own support and maintenance services.

IBM contributed the code to Apache under the ASF corporate contributor license grant. The Apache Incubator will manage the effort, inspecting code to make sure it meets standards for licensing and integrity. The group will also set up and manage community development.

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