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IBM Takes Dead Aim At Microsoft Office With New Notes Version

You haven't heard much of an IBM/Lotus-Microsoft rivalry in recent years, because there hasn't been one. But in days of computing past, there were some sizable battles between the companies. There was OS/2 versus Windows, Microsoft Word versus Lotus Ami Pro, Microsoft PowerPoint versus Lotus Freelance, and Lotus 1-2-3 versus Microsoft Excel.

We all know who won those battles. Microsoft Office thrives, while Lotus desktop applications are a thing of the past.

But now IBM is taking dead aim at Microsoft again, this time at Microsoft Office, one of the company's cash cows, but which hasn't been generating as much cash as Microsoft would like.

The new version of IBM Lotus Notes will incorporate built-in editors for the first time, aimed at competing directly with Microsoft Office. Lotus Notes will include a word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation graphics program, all targeted at competing with Microsoft Office.

This means that if someone wants to create a word processing document, say, he won't need to launch Microsoft Office. Instead, he'll use the word processor built directly into Notes.

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