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IBM Rolls Out Tool To Protect Against Network-Wide Identity Theft

IBM has announced a new product and services designed to help enterprises securely manage user accounts and passwords and protect against identity theft.

Tivoli Identity Manager Version 4.6 automates employee and customer account set-up and lets users reset and synchronize their own passwords. The software provides detailed reports on security policy compliance and access rights, and offers a range of audit features. Moreover, Identity Manager 4.6 lets enterprises simulate security policy changes to assess the impact of altering security privileges and access rights before actually implementing them.

"Many are facing risks associated with unauthorized employees or users gaining access to sensitive corporate data or personal information due to inadequate information management and security controls," IBM Global Services vice president, security and privacy services Cal Slemp said in a statement. "The protection of a firm's reputation and brand is directly linked to the secure management of data, the applications that use that data, its people and assets. Companies should embrace a holistic approach to evaluating and ensuring their business is secure."

IBM Global Services has also launched a suite of identity management services closely linked to Identity Manager 4.6. These services include the creation and verification of an initial user identity based on biographical and biometric information, with an establishment link directly into Identity Manager.

Tivoli Identity Manager Version 4.6 will be available later this summer; with per-user or per-processor pricing.