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HyperSpace Debuts High-Bandwidth WAN Acceleration Tool

HyperSpace Communications, Inc. has released a new version of its HyperTunnel wide area network optimization and acceleration software that employs the company's new HyperTCP technology to increase throughput across high-bandwidth networks.

Other network acceleration solutions have typically been effective at low connection speeds, but become increasingly less effective at high speed, due to limitations in TCP-IP. According to HyperSpace, HyperTunnel 3.6 is able to overcome these inefficiencies with HyperTCP. HyperTunnel dynamically compresses WAN data, employs streaming compression to enable more efficient compression libraries and "superpackets" to send fewer and smaller packets over the network. According to HyperSpace, it can improve last-mile network performance by up to 600%.

With WAN traffic increasing by some estimates at 30% per year, HyperSpace says that HyperTunnel offers enterprises an alternative to adding more physical capacity to their networks. "HyperTunnel 3.6 opens up new options for businesses looking for ways to accelerate their networks, increase performance and reduce costs," HyperSpace resident and CEO Mark Endry said in a statement. "With our new HyperTCP technology, featured in HyperTunnel 3.6, companies can overcome the well-known limitations of the TCP/IP protocol when used on high-speed networks."

With version 3.6, the HyperTunnel Gateway product now runs on Windows in addition to Linux and Unix platforms. HyperTunnel Gateway can now run on any system with Windows XP, Windows 2000 or 2003.