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Health Care Industry Turns To Online Surveys

A new study by online survey software maker Zoomerang found that healthcare companies and organizations are replacing phone and mail research with online research.

The study concludes that more than three out of five healthcare industry professionals involved with online research are shifting from paper research to the Internet, and nearly two out of five professionals are utilizing the Internet instead of making phone calls. Altogether, nearly three quarters of the industry is now using online surveys. Out of the professionals benefiting from this new technique, two out of five say that productivity has increased by 20% from the previous year.

Healthcare industry professionals use online surveys to obtain feedback, query customers about their satisfaction with care and services, and obtain information about education and training efforts.

According to a statement by Zoomerang Vice-President and General Manager Paula River, "Healthcare professionals are shifting from traditional research methods towards online research because, simply put, it makes great business sense. They are realizing that the tool can potentially expand their ability to make informed decisions and help grow revenue, lower costs and increase productivity."