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Hammerhead Introduces Switch To Bridge Layers 2 And 3

Hammerhead Systems said Monday that it has developed its HSX 6000 Layer 2.5 Aggregation Switch and is in lab trials testing the device for use with Ethernet-based services for both consumer and business broadband.

Based on Ethernet service architecture, the HSX 6000 provides support for native Gigabit Ethernet and Ethernet-over-SONET that provide advanced features including E-Line with links to existing Frame Relay and ATM users.

"Hammerhead enables service providers to undertake the migration to MPLS (multiprotocol label switching) with the lowest cost and complexity," Peter Savage, the firm's CEO and president, said in a statement.

The new switch supports the delivery of services by combining Layer 2 and Layer 3 infrastructures. "This is critical in a world where 3G wireless, broadband wireless, and common carrier wireline access are all based on Layer 2 technology and services are being created and delivered via IP at Layer 3," Tom Nolle, president and CEO of networking analysis firm CIMI Corp., said in a statement