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Google, Juniper Execs: New Technology Must Be Simple, Open

Emerging technologies need to be shaped around simplicity of use and ease of development and interoperability, Google and Juniper Networks executives said in back-to-back keynotes at Interop Las Vegas 2006.

Dave Girouard, Google Enterprise general manager, predicted that the user-friendliness and appeal of consumer technology will change the way enterprise business technology is designed and delivered.

Today's enterprise applications were developed by experts who in turn designed user interfaces for experts, and the upgrade path has been a continual process of adding more commands, making enterprise apps more complex, Girouard said. That stands in stark contrast to far more appealing consumer interfaces, such as those on an Apple iPod or the Google Web site splash page, each of which require few steps to perform complex tasks, he said.

"Consumer technology is driving innovation," Girouard said. "Enterprise applications lack passion."

Ultimately, users who have grown accustomed to the intuitive functionality of consumer devices and interfaces are going to force a change in enterprise technology, he said.

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