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Google Extends Search To Enterprise Apps, Upgrades Search Hardware

Google is thinking outside the box so you can find more inside it. On Wednesday, the company plans to announce a new enterprise developer program, new enterprise partnerships, and new enterprise search hardware that offers secure, real-time access to corporate data stores.

The upgunned Google Search Appliance includes a feature called Google OneBox for Enterprise that extends the familiar Google keyword search box to encompass a broader array of information.

"It's not just looking through Web pages," says Dave Girouard, general manager of Google's enterprise business. "It's actually a front door to business applications."

OneBox enables the insertion of real-time business data into search results. It also allows Google's enterprise hardware to search virtually all content and business data, whether dynamic, such as rapidly changing transactional data; structured, such as organized information in a database; or unstructured, such as Web pages or documents on a file server.

Earlier iterations of Google's search hardware have had the ability to index structured and unstructured data for more than a year, but haven't had an efficient way to access dynamic data.

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