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Global Crossing Debuts Inbound VoIP Service For European Carriers, Service Providers

Global Crossing has announced an inbound voice over IP (VoIP) service for European carriers, resellers, prepaid card operators and enhanced service providers.

Complimenting its Carrier Outbound service, Global Crossing's VoIP Local Services allow carriers to originate traffic on the public switched telephone network (OSTN) in different countries using local numbers. Global Crossing then converts the analog telephone traffic through a Session Initialization Protocol (SIP) interconnect to be carried over IP networks, permitting carriers to offer advanced converged telecommunications services over a single connection.

"End-users around the world are demanding cost-effective, highly secure VoIP services enabling a seamless migration to a fully converged IP network of voice, video and data over a single connection," Global Crossing's chief marketing officer Anthony Christie said in a statement. "Our suite of VoIP services provides an integrated, well-rounded portfolio that allows our carrier customers to design flexible and efficient service platforms to meet the evolving demands of their end-users."

The service lets carriers connect to all of their markets over a single IP connection, thus eliminating multiple dedicated physical connections and gateways and greatly increasing network efficiency. Moreover, by eliminating the need for physical infrastructure in each market, VoIP Local Services offers carriers the opportunity to operate in markets where they do not have points of presence.