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Foundry Debuts Suite Of Advanced, Lower-Cost Routers For Service Providers

Foundry Networks has announced a series of new routers for service providers designed to reduce the costs of delivering advanced IP, Ethernet and MPLS VPN services for converged networks, while preserving investments in existing SONET/SDH optical systems.

Foundry claims that the new additions to its NetIron line dramatically reduce costs for service providers building multi-service MPLS networks. The company says that the new routers are 90 to 95 percent lower in cost than existing similarly featured routers, and that the new products will help spur faster and broader deployment of multi-service MPLS networks.

The new products are:

  • The NetIron IMR 640, a carrier-class provider edge and core router that provides a highly scalable solution for the delivery of broadband IP, Ethernet and MPLS services. Foundry claims it offers these features at one-tenth the cost of alternative platforms.
  • The NetIron 2404, a modular, high-density aggregation router for the customer edge, providing cost-effective aggregation and distribution of advanced Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPN services for multiple subscribers.

Foundry also announced the Velocity Management 2 (VM2) processor module for the NetIron 400, 800 and 1500 chassis-based aggregation and edge routers. The new module performs the MPLS forwarding function on the NetIron 400, 800, 1500. Systems configured with a Velocity Management module support the base set of metro switched Ethernet and routed IP services plus the advanced MPLS Layer 2 VPLS and VLL services.

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