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Finding the Right Balance of On-Site and At-Home IT Workers

work from home
(Source: Pixabay)

After more than a year of fear and worry, things are beginning to look brighter on the COVID-19 front. As the world begins crawling back to some form of normalcy, it's time to start planning. At the top of the list for IT managers is determining how and where their teams will work now that traditional workplaces are gradually becoming safe environments.

There are likely to be many people who don't want to return to the workplace, and it’s not always going to be because they're worried about COVID-19, said Pieter VanIperen, managing partner at IT advisory firm PWV Consultants. "Some people have discovered the freedom of flexibility and found that remote work fits their lives better," he explained.

IT has proven that, by and large, most aspects of work can be decoupled from the office, said John Annand, research director, infrastructure and operations, at Info-Tech Research Group, an IT market research firm. "The difference between an at-home and on-site worker is no longer a matter of marginal access, exorbitant cost, or barely accessible performance levels and efficiency metrics," he noted. "IT has empowered the business to find the balance of on-site and at-home that works for business reasons rather than infrastructure reasons."

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