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FileNet Launches E-Mail Content Managment Product

FileNet Corporation today announced the availability of FileNet eMail Manager, a new product based on the company's P8 platform that lets organizations capture, organize, monitor, retrieve and share e-mail. The software is deigned to help companies improve decision making, and adhere to regulatory compliance requirements.

The FileNet eMail Manager makes eMail content an active element that should make e-mail into a driver of business processes and performance. It simplifies and automates the process of declaring email messages as business records for improved proof of compliance.

The eMail Manager is a server-based tool that integrates with popular corporate eMail systems, including Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes mail servers, and desktop applications such as Microsoft Office. The product enables organizations to use e-mail content to initiate business processes or to use e-mail content as an aid to the decision-making process.