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FCC Takes Up Broadband Over Power Lines

WASHINGTON — The Federal Communications Commission said it will consider requirements for providing broadband services over power lines.

The five-member FCC is scheduled to take up the issue at its Oct. 14 meeting.

The FCC's Office of Engineering and Technology is expected to present commissioners with a report on amending FCC rules covering unlicensed RF devices to allow for provision of broadband over power lines. Among other things, regulators must determine what, if any, interference problems would be caused by providing broadband services over utility lines.

The FCC's review of the issue that began in April 2003 focused on two types of broadband delivery: "access," in which medium voltage (1,000- to 40,000-volt) power lines deliver Internet and broadband services to homes and offices; and "in-house," in which existing utility wiring links computers and printers on LANs.

FCC Chairman Michael Powell is scheduled to inspect an power-line demonstration project in Manassas, Va., next week.