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Favorite inventions of 2003; Geek Tattoos; and Nintendo Online Emulator

Geek Tattoos

Why etch "Betty Boop" or "Born To Ride" on your body when you can show your true techno-savvy by branding yourself with science as art? Here are a few of our favorite geek-tats as cataloged by the folks at Body Modification Ezine ( And remember, kids, don't try this at home.


Ode To Mario

If you're like us, you long for the days when you could while away the hours playing Nintendo classics
like "Blades of Steel," "Kung Fu," "Metroid" and "Super Mario Brothers." Thankfully, Norbert Kehrer has created the perfect time machine: ONE, or the Online NES Emulator. Java-based, it can run more than 50
different games in blissful 16-bit color and stunning mono sound. How Nintendo it is!

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