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F5 Appliance Boosts End-to-End Performance Over The WAN

F5 Networks has announced a new product and enhancements to existing products designed to boost end-to-end user performance over the wide-area network (WAN).

The BIG-IPR Application Accelerator 3400 combines all of F5's acceleration technologies and integrates with any Layer 4/7 traffic management product. According to F5, it will increase end user performance up to five times, improve bandwidth efficiency by up to 400%, and dramatically offload server processing.

The new Fast Cache module for F5's BIG-IP traffic management solution promises a 900% improvement in server capacity by offloading up to 98% of hit requests. It is extremely flexible, with policies that can be fine-tuned for every application type.F5 has also enhanced its Traffic management Operating System (TM/OS) with a WAN optimization feature set called TCP Express. According to the company, this triples the efficiency of bandwidth links and provides a 300% improvement in client performance.

The BIG-IP Application Accelerator 3400 is available at prices starting at $26,995. Fast Cache comes standard on the BIG-IP Application Accelerator 3400 and is available as an add-on module for BIG-IP for $4,995. TCP Express is pre-installed on BIG-IP v9 product line and is available to customers on current maintenance contracts as an upgrade.