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Exar Delivers Optimized Solution For Dual GbE Transport In 2.5G Wavelength Division Multiplexing Application

FREMONT, Calif., Aug. 16. Exar Corporation today introduced an optimized Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) Mapper for access and transport applications. The GEM250 SoC and included DeviceManager software enable rapid development and deployment of dual GbE transport solutions for Coarse/Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (C/DWDM) networks.

Demand for broadband connectivity over wired and wireless networks for consumer and business applications has driven increasing penetration of GbE as a backhaul interface of choice on platforms such as cable modem head ends, DSLAMS and 3G/4G Base Stations. Dedication of individual fibres or even wavelengths for GbE transport is placing considerable stress on the existing optical infrastructure.

"Provisioning and managing individual connections for GbE streams presents both Capex and Opex challenges for operators," said Rich Deboer, vice president and general manager at Exar. "The GEM250 enables efficient multiplexing of GbE links into a single STM-16/OC-48 for transport across point to point links or WDM networks. This solution, complete with all the Operations, Administration, Maintenance, and Provisioning features inherent in SONET/SDH, simplifies the delivery of these types of services."

With direct connection to GbE PHYs on the client side and SDH/SONET SerDes on the line side, GEM250 combines all the functions necessary to multiplex 2 Gigabit Ethernet streams into a single 2.5Gb/s signal. Integrated GbE MACs provide Ethernet statistics while Ethernet frames can be encapsulated with HDLC or GFP. All SDH/SONET Regenerator/Multiplex Section and Trail/Path monitoring functions are also implemented in hardware. Exar's DeviceManager software package handles all internal hardware provisioning and management details and presents a robust set of APIs for use by the customer. This package simplifies platform software development and dramatically shortens the overall project development cycle to enable rapid time to market.

The GEM250 is available in RoHS5 and RoHS6 compliant packages and is accompanied by Exar's full-featured DeviceManager resource provisioning and management software for rapid application development. GEM250 is available for production orders immediately.