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Examining Microsoft's SMS 2003

Whether you're creating a whole new SMS hierarchy or simply upgrading, you must decide whether to extend your AD schema to include SMS 2003 objects. Such objects will let you identify software deployments and run reports based on OUs (organizational units), as opposed to just users and groups.

We use OUs for access control within our departments, and AD simplifies managing and organizing our desktops. We also define SMS site boundaries logically to mirror AD topologies rather than being limited to IP subnet ranges. That way, we can distribute access rights to collections and packages by the management structure in our organization.

We used AD Discovery to install the SMS client. SMS 2003's handy, automatic collection updates ensure that all machines added to the OUs are accounted for. (See a list of SMS 2003's discovery methods.)

You can customize AD directory synchronization by designating schedules and directory-tree objects to transfer. Integrating SMS 2003 with AD lets your advanced clients roam from one AD site to another and facilitates the exchange of secure keys between SMS site components. Unfortunately, SMS 2003 doesn't allow different client settings among groups of machines under the same site system.

Addressing Security

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