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Equant Launches VPN For Multinational Enterprises

Equant, a subsidiary of France Telecom, has announced a unique virtual private network solution designed to offer multinational enterprises the best possible wide-area network strategy regardless of where their offices are located around the world.

Adaptive VPN is part of Equant's strategy of offering networking solutions tailored to the unique needs of multinational enterprises. It integrates a wide range of network technologies, including IPSec, MPLS, frame relay and ATM in addition to IP, allowing companies to mix and match best-of-breed or best-available network technologies for geographically diverse sites.

Equant also offers a wide range of network access options ranging from leased lines, DSL and cable to satellite, Internet/IPSec and an impressive array of mobile and wireless technologies. The company expects to have deployed DSL access to 50 countries by December, complementing its 16-country Wi-Fi coverage.

The Adaptive VPN offering includes value-added services, including fault and service management, configuration and security, network and application performance optimization provided by Equant's global consulting staff.

According to Didier Duriez, head of Equant Network Services, Adaptive VPN is "more than a portfolio enhancement." It is a customized, on-demand solution designed to ease the integration of different network technologies in a corporate VPN.

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