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Entellium's eSalesForce

Still, without the aid of an Entellium partner, I configured a detailed sales process and imported a substantial amount of lead, customer and personal contact data within a couple of hours of logging into the system. Unfortunately, you must enter data into the sales process as a lead, so you may lose information on an existing sale's status. And it's impossible to import product-catalog data over the Web interface--it must be entered manually.

Initial setup of my sales organization was straightforward. I created user roles, then assigned my test users to one of the sales departments. But I could not import users in batch from the Web interface, and there's no way to pull users from existing directories, such as LDAP or Active Directory.

Movin' on Down

I used of eSalesForce's default seven-step sales process, which describes sales opportunities as moving through stages, starting with Above the Funnel and ending up as Won, Lost or Deferred. Using the sales-process checklist, I created a series of tasks that must be completed at each stage before a sale can progress. For instance, I created a checklist in the Above the Funnel stage that required a time frame for a completed purchase and a product demo before the opportunity could advance to the next stage. You can create tasks and appointments associated with an opportunity and integrate them into MyEntellium.

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