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Emic Networks Supports Apple's XServe G5 Clustering

Apple Computer's XServe G5 system is getting clustering software from Emic Networks as Emic extends its reach beyond its traditional MySQL and Apache server markets.
Emic Application Cluster (EAC) products stabilize horizontal scaling of Web applications running from small and medium size systems to high-end server environments. Features of EAC products include load balancing, fault tolerance and continuous availability, Emic said. The new product supports Apple's Mac OS X.

The company said its product -- when used with Apple's XServe G5 -- is "ideal server (technology) for cross-platform file and print, workgroup management, video streaming, database applications, high performance computing and web and mail serving."

The EAC software can deliver up to 30 gigaflops processing power per system, Ron Okamoto, vice president of Apple's Worldwide Developer Relations, said in a statement.