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EMC Unveils Ionix Data Center Insight Laying Foundation For Unified It Configuration Visibility Across The Data Center

HOPKINTON, Mass., Sept. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Further extending its leadership in IT management for virtualized data centers, EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) today unveiled EMC Ionix Data Center Insight -- laying the foundation for unified IT configuration visibility across the data center and helping customers accelerate their journey to the private cloud. With an ability to bring together dependency mapping and discovery across storage, network, server and application domains, Ionix Data Center Insight is a game-changing solution that enables customers to evolve their Configuration Management Databases (CMDBs) into fully federated Configuration Management Systems (CMS).

Ionix Data Center Insight is a key piece of EMC's newly announced Ionix IT management suite -- powerful solutions for automating IT management across a unified infrastructure of storage, server, network and virtualization resources. With Ionix, customers can confidently move from physical to virtual to cloud computing -- maximizing the value of their new enterprise IT architecture.

"Establishing and populating a federated CMDB system is one of the biggest challenges companies face today when trying to manage their next-generation data centers. With so many tools collecting data from all parts of the IT environment, the ability to get up-to-date, accurate and complete data to a single, monolithic CMDB solution becomes extremely difficult and requires excessive manual labor and guesswork," said Dennis Drogseth, Vice President, Enterprise Management Associates. "With EMC Ionix Data Center Insight, EMC is taking a major step forward in helping customers tackle these challenges head-on, while at the same time enabling far more flexibility in capturing real-time insights versus aging information."

  With Ionix Data Center Insight, customers can quickly and easily:

  • Automatically populate both EMC and third-party CMDBs with best-practices configuration items (CIs) and allows customization to define customer-specific CIs
  • Build a single, reconciled view of the truth about the IT environment
  • Visualize application and service dependencies across the data center including applications, servers, networks, storage -- both physical and virtual
  • Leverage the solution as a critical component of a federated and modular CMS to achieve a single, accurate and current view of the IT environment, so those responsible for configuration management can understand -- across multiple domains -- the resources underpinning business services

"Virtualization requires customers to break down silos and manage across domains -- that's the breakthrough that EMC Ionix Data Center Insight brings. Today's data center operations teams are faced with the hurdle of unifying their IT infrastructure across multiple domains to better populate CMDBs, more effectively manage changes and accurately troubleshoot across the data center," said EMC's Jay Mastaj, Vice President and General Manager, EMC Ionix.

Continued Mastaj, "Current tools fail to address these challenges as most are focused on single domain mapping. To effectively manage the unified infrastructure of next-generation data centers, customers need a way to track cross-domain dependencies and dynamically link them together. EMC Ionix Data Center Insight is a significant new solution for the virtualized data center -- unifying and linking interdependencies end-to-end -- from storage to server to network to applications. The end result enables customers to accelerate their journey to the private cloud."

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