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eFonica Lets Subscribers Make Calls Without Soft Phones

Fusion Telecom has added a new feature to its Efonica Plus voice over IP (VoIP) service called efoLink that will allow subscribers to place telephone calls without using the Efonica soft phone or a session initiation protocol (SIP) enabled device.

The new feature will allow Efonica Plus subscribers to schedule a call between any two telephone numbers on the service's Web site. At the appointed time, efoLink will call the two numbers to set up the call, allowing users with access only to traditional landline or mobile phones to take advantage of the Efonica service.

"The introduction of efoLink reinforces our commitment to making the low cost and efficiency of VoIP available even without access to your PC," Fusion VoIP division president Roger Karam said in a statement. "efoLink is just the beginning of many exciting and innovative new services that Efonica Plus will offer"

Fusion recently enhanced it's Efonica service with efoOut, allowing users to call landline and mobile phones outside of the Efonica network at low rates. Subscribers who sign up for efoOut will automatically have access to efoLink.