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Ecessa Aims To Improve VoIP Reliability

Mission critical data is no longer limited to data applications. Increasingly, companies rely on voice and video connections to get their work done. Increasingly, this information flows over IP links, which are often subject to issues, such as jitter and latency. Ecessa wants to help small and medium businesses solve that problem.The vendor announced the ClariLink-V, which routes voice and video across multiple Internet connections to improve performance and reliability. The Wide Area Network (WAN) controller works with any Internet link: cable, Digital Subscriber Line, T1, wireless, or satellite. ClariLink-V includes Internet connection load balancing software, a SIP Proxy, a SIP Registration Server and a Network Address Translation (NAT) Proxy. The system is designed to deliver automatic real-time failover, so connections are not lost.

The WAN controller also examines inbound and outbound and tries to direct applications to the connections with the most available bandwidth in real time. This capability helps companies avoid jitter and latency problems, which often lead to breaks in voice and video transmissions. The family of ClariLink-V WAN Link Controllers is scheduled to be available by March with pricing ranging from $1,095 to $2,985.

Ecessa, which has been in business since 1968, has focused on delivering low cost network solutions to small and medium businesses. The new controller line addresses a problem that a growing number of these firms face: improving the reliability and performance of their voice and video applications. The company does not have the name recognition or product breadth of larger network equipment suppliers, but it does offer a product that small and medium businesses may want to examine.