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Do It Yourself Podcasting

Welcome to Accidental IT, a series of technical how-tos for people whose job descriptions don't necessarily include tech support but who often find themselves doing just that for their co-workers.

First there was the blog, a running diary about whatever the writer felt was important at the time. And the blog continues to be an important publishing option that has migrated from the public domain and has become part of many corporate Web sites. Blogs are used to disseminate information about the company to both internal and external audiences, and readerships and authors are constantly in flux as the medium matures.

The next evolution of the medium arrived with the Apple iPod, which allowed easy or automated transfer of audio files from the Web to the PC, and eventually to the iPod. Recording a blog as a spoken recording that could be played on an iPod (or other digital media player) gave the Podcast its start. It is the next step in the evolution of democratic publishing, and is the audio equivalent to the blog. And just like the blog, the podcast is beginning to find its place in the business world. Podcasts are like radio shows on TiVO. You can subscribe to the podcast and listen to it at a time that suits your schedule.

Is your company ready to publish podcasts? Only you can answer that, but the rules and guidelines are much the same as those for publishing a blog.

First, and most importantly, have something to say that people want to know about; and secondly, publish consistently.

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